I feel like a character in an old English novel.  My cousin has taken me for rest and recuperation to this lovely place by the sea.  
From my third floor balcony, view of the Atlantic Ocean.   The hotel is absolutely beautiful.  

They have three large lounging areas where you sit and visit before or after a meal or maybe have a cup of tea. (I’ve never drank so much tea in my life since coming to the UK, green and decaf of course) I love the mantel in this one. 

 This is last night’s menu. A five course meal does take some time to eat and it is expected that you come dressed for dinner. Men with jacket and tie. (So glad I brought a dress as I wouldn’t be eating here in my jeans and flannel plaid shirt.) 

It truly is where the Welsh mountains meet the sea. Where the River Dyfi (Aberdyfi) drains into the the Atlantic. 

This is the Estuary where the river and the ocean meet at low tide. At high tide the salt water sweeps back into here and fills it up with water.   

As you can see the tide was out when I took these pictures. Under neath this structure hangs a bell. 

Following is the story on the bell. Always interesting are Welsh stories. 

Note: Wales is bilingual so all the signs are in Welsh then English. 

  Looking at this is really the only time I have actually know which direction is which since I came to the UK. 

  We drove up in the Welsh mountains where there was a little snow and saw the hardy Welsh sheep, some of them unbelievably high up. Not many lambs here yet.  
I’ve had another really lovely day and will stay here for a week by the ocean. Tomorrow we have made arrangements to meet another cousin who sounds as thrilled to meet up as I am. And I’ll maybe see where my grandfather grew up. 

 I don’t even know what words could explain how blessed I am by my family here. I feel like my dad is looking down with my Mam and Dad Jones and smiling happily for me. I feel so loved. 


6 responses to “Aberdyfi

  1. You. Will have so many things to tell family when you get home. I hope you are keeping a diary of all your adventures.

  2. What an incredibly beautiful place! Perfect for healing. And -oh- I’ll have the roast beef and Yorkshire pudding please.

  3. Absolutely stunning! Glad that you are able to have a wonderful journey even if it was under the circumstances.

  4. Dianne Standing

    What a beautiful hotel! You’re truly having a once in a lifetime journey.

  5. JoAnn Marshall

    You are blessed! What a wonderful journey and you weren’t sure you were going to make this trip!

  6. Carrie Honeysett

    One of my favorite places here in Wales, surrounded by Mountains, so peaceful and beautiful. I have never stayed at the hotel but get sent the brochure every year, it does you good to have a bit of luxurious pampering now and again. Have a wonderful restorative, nurturing nourishing time

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