What a lovely name for a little girl born on Christmas Eve. My cousin who said she felt like. although we just met, that we had know each other our whole lives. That is exactly how I felt. 

Such a cheerful soul and with my chin and apparently we have the same nose too, but I do think hers is much cuter. 

She shared some family pictures.  Noella is the littlest girl on this first picture. Her smile is just as charming still. 


4 responses to “Noella

  1. My dear Linda, it has been an absolute pleasure to have met you.I think in our own way we have been on a very emotional ride looking back and just sharing some of my memories with you actually made me realise just how much the days of my childhood meant to me. Its quite true what somebody wrote once “no matter where you go in this world, there is an invisible cord which, when the time is right, entwines us back to our roots.” Please keep in touch….Love you, Noella….xxxxxx

  2. How are the treatments going, how often do you have to have them?

  3. Definitely some family resemblance, how cool is that you getting to meet so much family. The good Lord gave you that illness for a reason.

  4. JoAnn Marshall

    How wonderful to meet family and feel so good. So nice to see all those old pictures too. This is something that will last forever! What a blessing! You are so blessed!

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