Brithdir, the Stuff of Dreams

 I have dreamed of going to this farm in Wales for much of my life.  
 My great great grandparents owned it in the mid 1800s. It was around 60 acres then. My friend, Sarah Owen was born here. 

The barn area is in a square with something like a centre courtyard. 

 View from the house.

 A real Welsh Sheepman, and very nice man, the current owner of the place.    A working barn cat. 

 Of course there were two lovely working dogs that needed petting. 

 Loved these stone steps that were so well made. 
What a remarkable day thanks to my cousin and her husband. Only a dream without them. 


4 responses to “Brithdir, the Stuff of Dreams

  1. Hard to heat in the winter not hear.

  2. Thats super cool you will sure have memories for a long time from this trip 🙂

  3. So happy you got to see the farm. The old buildings were made to last. I imagine they are very hard to hear in the winter but nice and cool in the summer. The old farm I grew up on in Ohio is falling apart, such a shame as it was a lovely working farm for years.

  4. Fantastic….I know the circumstances that brought you to this place were not the best, but oh my look what you have gained.

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