Mystery Trip Tuesday

many of my cousins mystery trips are still a mystery after I’ve been there. lol. I have never had a good memory for names. Faces I never forget but names I never remember. 

It started out with a fair drive then a walk up hill with a two headed boar (no I don’t mean my cousin, lol). 

In a forest. 

 With awesome trees (and one very good cousin)

 And artistic rocks.  
I felt very sorry for this tree with the big injury. 

 It wasn’t exactly Nottingham forest but it was still interesting.   Effort was not lost. I saw cows! Nice black heifers.   And then we hit the summit with 360 degree views.    There were a number of monolithic markers pointing to the various shires and this one in the middle. Around the edge of the circle were brass plates naming all the things you could see from there. 

 After that we stopped at a functional train station.  
  Looking towards Chester  
Looking towards Manchester. Note there are two lines, one for trains going one direction and the other for the opposite. 

  The train station had a little restaurant.   Where we had tea and scones

 And watched the trains go buy. 

  This map was fascinating showing where the rail lines were. 
 And the schedule. 
Trains have been a really big part of British life and many of my family have worked on the railroad especially the old steam engines. 

So as always the mystery trips are fun and interesting. 


3 responses to “Mystery Trip Tuesday

  1. Carrie Honeysett

    Good Morning dear Linda, if you are still in Cheshire, see if someone can take you to ‘The Cloud’, it is the highest point and you can see all the surrounding bordering counties and bits of Wales, etc, full of amazing history, it is a bit of a trek to the top through lovely old woodland, but on a clear day the views are well worth it, there are old burial chambers and remains of old dwellings in places. my sons girlfriend Amanda, who lives in Alsager and has a little fair trade shop in Astbury, knows loads about the place if you wanted more details, she is full of the history and stories of the place. Also an incredibly ancient and beautiful church backs on to her shop in Astbury, they have knights buried ther. Love & Blessings on your incredible journey x Carrie

  2. JoAnn Marshall

    What an amazing journey you are on. I wish I could see all that you have seen. It is very nice. I am so happy for you! God Bless!

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