Dad Jones

My cousin has good memories of my  Welsh Grandfather. He said he remembers being out in the field with him when pigeons were cooing. Dad Jones asked him if he knew what they were saying. When he innocently said no, grandpa said: they are saying buy two cows Davey, buy two cows Davey.    

That’s because they only had one cow. This is my grandfather and the one blue cow. 

He also said he was complaining to grandpa about someone and grandpa told him:” you have no right to judge anyone because you don’t know what has happened to that person in their life. ” 

Not all the cousins have fond memories of him but because of this cousin I now do. 

Grandpa had lived through wars and lost his brother who he was close to in the the First World War.   My dad, Dad Jones’s son, was named after that brother. And that bother had a son named after his brother, Dad Jones.

That brother was killed in Mametz Wood in France in 1916 along with many other Welsh men. So many that a monument was erected there of the Red Dragon tearing barb wire.  

 This year in July will be 100 years since that battle. 
 Click here to read more: Mametz

The day before Dad Jones’ brother died he wrote this letter home, in Welsh, mentioning my Grandfather. 

 So I think grandpa is right, we shouldn’t judge because we don’t know what has happened in people’s lives to make them the way they are. 


One response to “Dad Jones

  1. What a cool monument. Id like to go over one day and see some of them even though I’m not related to any of them. I agree with the judging, its not our place to judge anyways, I try but not always succesful

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