Bara Brith

Bara Brith means speckled bread. It’s a little bit like fruitcake but a hundred times better. Why have I never heard of this delicious bread till I went to Wales? Everyone seems to have it and sugar or not I can’t refuse piece. 

Because of Bara Brith I have a plan on how to get back to Wales. I’ll make loaves and loaves of this delicious stuff and tons and tons of Cacen Cymraeg (welsh cakes which are really more like cookies cooked in a cast iron frying pan). Then every Saturday I’ll go to the  Farmer’s Market in Medicine Hat, set up a table with a Welsh flag behind and sell it all till I get enough money to come back. 

Oh and the Thursday evening Market too. And maybe one or two other community markets. 

Ok now I’m getting ahead of myself. 

First I have to see if I can make Bara Brith so it tastes as good as in Wales. I wonder if my cousin would mind me trying out his oven here. Let me see, now where did he go?


One response to “Bara Brith

  1. JoAnn Marshall

    Good plan! I like it. Have a blessed day!

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