Castell Coch

Remember the Welsh castle, the red one? Well I got to go see it all up close and inside. 

Every castle needs a statue. 

  This is a magnolia tree.  
 I got to go inside but alas they asked us not to take pictures. All I can say about it was that it was very homey inside, a place where a person could actually live. I always thought castles where just big stone cold buildings but apparently not. 

Not too sure about a bunch of statues of Roman emperors (I don’t think they knew the history of Caligula, or they would have had his bust sitting in that hallway). 

The ping pong table was all inlaid stone. I liked the Blue Room. In the kitchen area there was a lead lined sink where all the dishes were done which didn’t seem like a very good idea. Only one piano, albeit a very nice one. 

But the library, I loved the library. It was the best room in the whole place: great view, lovely window seat, big fireplace, paintings on the ceiling, a ladder to reach the top books, and the one door looked like actual bookshelves. 
Only in Wales would the door knocker be a dragon. 

 We had fun in the stable where the tie stalls were. That broom started the whole thing. 

I liked the handcart.   
But the peacocks were really pretty. 

This is Alun the biggest male. 

 And they loved crumbled dog biscuits that my cousin always carries in his pocket. In fact he attracted a whole enterage of peacocks with his dog bisquits. 
The funny part was theses two men with cameras had been waiting half an hour for a male peacock to display like this and they thought my cousin was a peacock whisperer because he came along said a few words and out stands all the peacocks feathers and he did it twice.  (I don’t think they noticed the bisquits) 



3 responses to “Castell Coch

  1. JoAnn Marshall

    That is all so beautiful! You are having such a wonderful experience! I love it! The peacocks are absolutely gorgeous!

  2. Wow what a great opportunity for you! So much to see- that library sounds perfect, and the peacocks are beautiful. But most beautiful is the smile on your face and the memories you are making.

  3. Oh Im jealous now! I love castles I want to go see one!
    Funny about the peacock whisperer lol

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