I Wish I Was Eleven

I know a lot of people have some vague wish that they were younger but I wish I was precisely 11 years old. 

If I could be 11, I know exactly who my best friend would be: this Welsh boy wearing a bright red Canadian tooke standing in front of this tree.   
I got to go with him and my cousins to visit this really interesting place called: Greygynog 

He and I had so much fun together. We are interested in the same things. I love his compassion for nature and interest in everything.

 We saw a tree that had a cable buried into it and talked about the trees in Fanghorn Forest and maybe why they didn’t like people.  

This is us in front of the three bear’s house where Santa actually comes around Christmas. (He and I are still young enough to know the truth about Santa that everyone else has forgotten as they got older.) I hope he never gets that old. I didn’t. 


We talked about bees and wasps and hornets and saw mushrooms that are sometimes poisonous and I told him about how I ate wild onions on the prairie once and  how it looked like the really poisonous Death Camas.

 I found out he got an award for orienteering, 2nd best in Wales I think he said. I was really impressed by that because I’ve tried it when I was a cub/scout leader and know it’s not easy.  

Yup, I wish I was precisely eleven. 


3 responses to “I Wish I Was Eleven

  1. Girl, you are packing a lot of wonderful living into your trip – I’m SO glad you’re getting to do & go to so many wonderful things. How nice it is that your whole family overseas has been so hospitable & loving to you (testament that you inspire those feelings of comfort.).

  2. Sounds like a perfect friend. That hand is pretty cool too, whats it for?

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