My cousin gave me this lovely little ornament from her home. She said it was a Robin, her favorite. I thought it didn’t really look like a Robin but it does, an English Robin.  
One day I just happened to see two birds that looked like this ornament and when I asked what they were I found out they were indeed called robins. They are delicate, little birds  about the size of a wren.  

compared to the much bigger robins I’m used to. 

So many differences.  I look forward to spring and Robin’s beautiful song when I get back to Alberta. 


3 responses to “Robins

  1. VERY different from our Robins! 1 more thing I didn’t know that now I do – learn something every day.

  2. Those are beautiful little birds! Our robins are in the thrush family. They are singing their hearts out here every morning and evening. Will you be back soon?

  3. JoAnn Marshall

    The little birds are beautiful. Who would think they would be different then what we are used to. God Bless!

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