Chores, YAY!!!!

Happy day, I got to do chores. 

My lovely friend, Cariad, (my cousin said that means sweetheart in Welsh, which she definitely is, oddly coincidental that we often call our daughters sweetheart when we talk to them) is allowing me to do chores at her place while she is away for a few days. 

I am much more popular today with the two Welsh sheep, the twins Dehlia and Dahlia, at least while I was feeding them. 

Jasmine (no picture of her)thought she should have more than her share of sheep nuts. No wonder she’s in a different field. A little pushy but still really nice. All these years living with a cowboy who says he’s allergic to sheep so I never knew if I would like them or not but so far they are a check mark in my book of likables. 

The little birds were so excited when I showed up to feed them. The cats however are not entirely sold on me yet but I’ll win them over. 

After chores I had a luxurious bath and I’m feeling pretty and smelling like a rose. 

And happy as can be on this rainy day snug as a bug in this cutest 300 year old cottage. You just can’t imagine how lovely it is. 



3 responses to “Chores, YAY!!!!

  1. You look nice and toasty in front of the wood burner. I am glad you are having such a wonderful time! That in itself is healing! Happy Easter Cowgirl!

  2. Sheep are kinda fun….for a while haha specially when they have babies 🙂
    How nice to be able to stay and help out

  3. What cute sheep! They look like they have extra long fleece. What breed are they? Snugged up by the fire, on a farm on a rainy day- doesn’t get much better than that.

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