The Spirit of Easter 

Here I am in the Welsh hills, home of my fathers on Easter Sunday. 

I really appreciate this time free from distractions to enjoy the companionship of the Spirit that has long been my friend and counsellor. 

It is that Spirit who fills my heart with love for my Creator and all his creations, who testified to my soul that He lives. 

I feel so much peace knowing that the Lord is mindful of me, loves me that much that He choose to give me, personally, the gift of the Atonement, which is the gift of Home, if I do my part, if I can gain the faith I need to choose what is right and good. To know He conquered it all and that it was His love for me that gave Him the strength to do that. I am so humbled by that, so humbled. 
It is the Spirit that whispers: All is just as it should be. Nothing happens to us, it happens for us. 
It is the Spirit that helps me to understand, to know it’s not easy for you or me but the course of any life is not easy; to know too that if we don’t take a step we don’t get anywhere and the harder the path the stronger we can become and to know now to reach for the hand that is always offered and that as we climb to top of the hill we will always need help, His help, His helping hand, the hand with the nail prints. 

Please click here for an Easter gift of song. 


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