Another Good Day

I stayed in the sheep shed with Jasmine this morning for quite a while looking at the skiff of snow on the hills across the way.   
I felt my dad close. I think he felt bad I didn’t get to know this most wonderful part of my family because he left for Canada and never came back…..but this trip has made up for it. They have all been so kind to me. 

 This evening my cousin and her husband came and took me to another house here where another part of my family lived. The lady that lives there now was so kind as to show us the original inglenook fireplace in the house. Fascinating all these old fireplaces. 

  Tonight I finished this cute little book about a toy windup mouse and his son. I love happy endings. Even the nasty old rat ended up being an uncle to the son. It was a charming story. 

Then, as if the day wasn’t good enough my cousin Noella texted me and we had a wonderful little visit. It’s just like we’ve known each other forever. 

Then I got a phone call from home saying we’re headed back out to then prairie when I get back, to work for someone real nice. 

I have so much to be thankful for. 

6 responses to “Another Good Day

  1. SO pleased to hear that you are doing so well & even more EXCITED to know that you will be back i n the saddle again soon, riding the prairie with your special Cowboy (as it should be).

  2. Sounds perfect 🙂

  3. Wonderful blessings! Doors keep opening for you; all things work together for good to them that love God.

  4. JoAnn Marshall

    Wonderful things you are doing…unforgettable new memories! God Bless!

  5. Wonderful! Had prayed that you could ranch again. Hope your hubby is soon able to get another saddle and you can get another horse though I know none will replace Pic

  6. Wonderful news about the job, back with your cowboy and being able to have this adventure to remember, very blessed I would say. How much longer will you be there?

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