For Goodness Sake

I thought I was happy in Wales but even that got bumped up a notch on this ranch. What a happy place! I’ve been cheerfully tidying and rearranging a few things to suit me in this cutest furnished little ranch house. 

And you’ll never guess what! It has a piano and it’s in tune! I can only play a few simple little hyms on it but to me they are just as pretty as Bach’s Organ Fugue in G Minor (my favorite). 

That chair (I love blue) is an automatic supper comfortable recliner and . . . wait for it . . . 

BOOKS!!!!  And good ones, ones I haven’t read yet. 

And the kitchen, it’s so cheerful. Blue loves the kitchen. 


And check out the view out the kitchen window. (Sorry about the screen). That’s the bull pasture. 

 There is a really nice little desk and chair that I plan to use for writing and painting. 
For goodness sake I couldn’t even imagine a place I could like any better. 

6 responses to “For Goodness Sake

  1. So cute, what a nice little place to call home your Cowboy has found for the 2 of you! Welcome HOME Cowgirl!
    Wishing you Blessings & Happiness.

  2. how very beautiful, practical & cute all at the same time, perfect for you. Looks like a place filled with happiness & Joy & of course you will just add to those lovely feelings, being all creative & playing your beloved hymns on that dear little piano, hope you do a recording of your playing

  3. Wonderful! Welcome home. Nice to have such a cute place to go to.

  4. So happy for you! Will this be a year round job?Hope so!

  5. Welcome home and to a very pretty home. I am ready for some cow and bull stories and to feel good knowing you back to what you love.

  6. JoAnn Marshall

    That’s beautiful! God bless!

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