The Barn

To a cowboy the barn is a big deal. This happens to be a really nice old barn. Not too often you see log barns on the prairie.    

 Love those half doors. 
   This is our tie stall where our horses are fed and saddled. 

 The manger. 
   Through that gate is a large box stall, the only one. 

 Then the closest one here is the bosses and the one closest to the tack room door is the other hired man’s. He’s been here 9 years. We’re just seasonal help this year. 
 On the other side of the barn is the hay storage. 

  Yup, nice barn. 

Here’s a couple of other buildings.   This is the pump house close to the barn. Another log structure.  

 This is a log structure too although a different kind and painted. Doesn’t look used right now. 

 A few antiques hung on the side.  
 This is the outside of our house. The part closest is where the kitchen is. The cross is just the laundry line minus the line. But I love hanging out clothes so I’m hoping to get that fixed. 

Everything is very tidy and well cared for. It’s a really nice place, not just a really nice barn. 


One response to “The Barn

  1. Very homey! I love barns as they keep me calm! God Bless! Thanks for sharing!

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