Scaredy Cat

Hmmmph! I’ll tell you the moral first, then the story. “Never underestimate a scaredy cat.”

My lovely Lilly is terrified of the vacuum cleaner. But, hey, I still have to vacuum. Right?

Me in my infinite wisdom (not) thought I’ll just pick her up and move her to a safer feeling place. But somewhere between picking her up and the need for 6 stitches she thought the vacuum was attacking her. 

I knew it was deep so drove myself to ER, an annual occurance for me. 

The doctor did a pretty good job of the freezing, open wound vigorous scrubbing, and stitching all the while warning me about pasturella bacterial infection, spreading red, and possible IV antibiotics, with a hint of surgery thrown in.  

The penitent scaredy cat. She knows she’s done something bad but I don’t think she knows what it is. 

2 responses to “Scaredy Cat

  1. Holy cats’ meow – 6 stitches! Lily doesn’t know her own strength, obviously. Manic the Min Pin could care less about the vacuum, but Saint the Good Shepherd can hardly get out of the house fast enough when I drag out the beast; funny how my big brave girl is a-feared of it, but I open the door & get out of the way.

  2. JoAnn Marshall

    OMG….that is good you went to the ER…poor cowgirl…Kitty didn’t really mean to hurt you…awe! God Bless!

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