The grocery store I went to in the UK was Tesco, here I go to Safeway. I went to this particular Safeway today, the first time since I got back. 

What a shock. 

I was racing around looking for this and that when it hit me. I remember the last time I was in here before my trip and my treatment and how tired I was then. I could hardly face walking around in the big store. 

I don’t feel anything like that now. It’s like night 🌘 and day 🌞 with now being the day. 

Wow! I feel so much better that it was an actual shock to realize how much better. 

10 responses to “Shock

  1. Are you ok, no posts for a while. Miss hearing from you.

  2. So glad you feel much better!!

  3. Are the fires near your town?

  4. That’s great! Oh and I hope your cat wound heals up well. That must have hurt!

  5. How wonderful that is to hear. I have been waiting for you to tell us how you feel, thank you.

  6. JoAnn Marshall

    What a blessing! Thank God always!

  7. Glad you’re feeling better 😀😀

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