Life is good (most days). I’m still feeling surprisingly well with lots of energy to fuss over a couple of old horses, my housework, Lilly, Blue, an old cowboy, and one tomato plant. I do wish I could have a garden or a least a balcony with a little more sun but it’s all good. 

Everyday Blue and I get to go out to the barn and smell horses, my favorite place and favorite smell.   


9 responses to “Good

  1. Will you give us a run down of what your treatment was like. I have studied it on line but would like to hear it first hand from you. Thanks

  2. Are you living in town or the country now? I have lots of weeds and yard work here in Florida, it is just too hot to do much right now.

  3. Glad you are keeping busy….you know if you are ever bored I can always find something to do 🙂 My garden needs work, the lawn, the deck, the horses whatever

  4. Well you still have everything you love- only in smaller amounts! Wilbur and Trouper are looking good- and Blue is showing his age. How old is he now?

  5. JoAnn Marshall

    Glad to hear you are doing well! My favorite place too. It is good to hear from you and wishing you a blessed week! Enjoy each and every day!

  6. lilias simpson

    hello from Wales , it was a great pleasure to meet you when you came to Taigwynion I wish I could have spent more time talking to you. I can see how our dog Charlie reminded you of your dog , same colour and similar markings. I enjoy your blog and wish you all the good thoughts I have for your future.

    • Oh so nice to hear from you. I still love those mosaic pictures with the sheep you were doing. Thank you so much for letting all our family visit their old home. It was so kind of you.

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