Size Matters

I was thinking about Wales today and then got to wondering what the size difference was between Canada or even Alberta and UK and Wales. So I looked it up and found map fight. Cool site. 

So first here’s Alberta compared to the entire UK which doesn’t include Southern Ireland but still . . .

Then compared to Canada

I think it was as hard for me to wrap my mind around how small it was as it was for them to understand how big Canada is. Really, it’s hard for me to understand how big Canada is, size-wise. 

My cousin kept telling me that from England to Toronto is halfway to where I am. And Google maps says it would take at least 30 hours of continuous driving to get to Toronto. 

So just one more: Alberta compared to lovely little Wales 


Horizontal Width: 149 km (92 miles) from St. David’s east to Hay on Wye

Vertical Length: 201 km (124 miles) from Rhyl, directly south to the capital city of Cardiff. 

So to put that into terms that are most familiar to me it means that from Medicine Hat to Lethbridge (about 102 miles,  a two hour drive here) would be about 10 miles farther than from the east side of Wales to the west side. 

One other thing I often think of and feel bad about was the beautiful old churches that no one or at least very few attend. One Sunday I went to the one in Llanwnog (a Christian church being there for 1500 years, not that actual building but the believers) and only 9 people, other than me and my cousin and my other cousin’s good husband that took us, were there. 

I saw this from the 2011 census report that I guess explains why.  

Sad though. I suppose it’s happening everywhere which is even sadder to me but there, in England and Wales it seems such a tragedy considering all those beautiful old churches with such uncertain futures. 

I’m glad I got to hear the bells in Llanwnog, see the beautiful old rood screen, and where my dad pumped the handle to supply the breath for the old pipe organ, where my cousin was married, a lovely old church where I’ll be attending, in spirit if not in body, every Sunday. 



2 responses to “Size Matters

  1. Oh how those old churches inspire thoughts of the divine! So much so compared to the community hall look of some of the modern churches.

  2. JoAnn Marshall

    Amazing difference in size. We seem to stay in our own little areas in life. I love your pictures! God Bless and Happy Memorial Day!

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