My Treatment

A few people wanted me to talk about my treatment.

It was a good thing. 

I don’t think it’s cured the cancer in three months worth of shots. That doesn’t mean it doesn’t work just that it would take longer for my own immune system to do the job.

 I think my case is a little different than most because the tumor itself is inoperable. I didn’t have a problem with operations if that had been an option, only the chemo and radiation I didn’t want to have to go through. And again the side effects of those, for me, would have been different as well because of the location of the tumor and because of my ADD. 

For me the Latvian treatment improved the quality of my life so much for the three months I was on it. I am just now, after 6 weeks, without any treatment starting to feel a little tired again but I still feel happy and mentally and emotionally strong. 

I haven’t had a shot for the 6 weeks now, not because it didn’t help but because, personally, I haven’t been able to find the money to carry on with the shots. Not that it’s horribly expensive but we just don’t have any extra above food and housing. If I had the money I would so have kept going with the shots. 

I don’t suppose the Latvians would want me to say this but I wish everyone could undergo the treatment I have so they could feel as good as I have felt, even if they didn’t have cancer. I seriously haven’t felt this good for years. 

I was hoping to have an MRI to give me more specifics on the tumor but that is a slow process in Canada. My blood work has all been good so far. 

My dr has contacted the authorities about the import of the medicine and although I can’t have it mailed or couriered here I could bring it back with me in my luggage. That leads me to dream of what beautiful Riga would look like this time of year. Who knows things might still work out that I could go back. 

Anyway, a side from all that,  everyday I wake up and think: “Something wonderful could happen today”and each day things happen, sometimes bad things,  and I think: “wonder if that is it, if it’s going to lead to that something wonderful.” Life is good and I’m happy. 

2 responses to “My Treatment

  1. JoAnn Marshall

    You have the right attitude and whatever you need God will provide!

  2. What type of cancer is it? Sure wish that our medical coverage would pay for cancer treatments, especially after the millions and millions of dollars that have been raised for cancer research in this country. It isn’t fair that there is a treatment that isn’t locally available.

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