Now this might not look like a prosthesis but it’s mine and it brings me a lot of joy. 

Why you are wondering do I need this?

My whole life I’ve been frustrated by puny hands but my little finger has caused me the most problems. 

Not sure if it comes across in these pictures but it is very short, making the playing of many musical instruments particularly difficult for me. 

Then breaking the very end and a botched relocating job after I dislocated it roping a bull made it slightly crooked and even shorter. 

But this little contraption I made out of a paper clip along with that funny little ring has been just what I needed to play this simple little penny whistle. 

This is how it works. 

It totally makes the four point hold required to play the tin whistle possible for me. It’s been working brilliantly. 

Just thought I’d share my little paper clip joy. 

One response to “Prosthesis?

  1. Very ingenious! There’s truth in the saying that necessity is the mother of invention.

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