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On a Roll, Laundry Soap

Today I made my own Washing Soda out of baking soda. (So easy, 2 hours on a cookie sheet baked in a 400 degree Fahrenheit oven). Then I used that, borax, liquid Castile soap, and some drops of lemon essential oil to make my own laundry detergent. (Recipie I used in the last of the pictures)

First saurkraut now laundry soap. I’m on a roll to healthier life. 


What I don’t know about sauerkraut would fill volumes but since I’m going to a plant based diet I found a wonderful home for my favorite little milk kephir family of grains and started sauerkraut which can give you almost the same kind of probiotics. 

Who knew?

I ate sauerkraut before but I didn’t even know it was raw cabbage ( I knew the cabbage part) fermented in a brine (salt and it’s own juice). Just chopped cabbage and sea salt. 

Seems pretty simple to make. (No cooking! Yay!)

 I’ll let you know how it goes in a few days. Like my cowboy says,  “if it doesn’t work, all were out is a head of cabbage and a little salt.”

PS: I used a baggie full of water on top of the cabbage in the jar to hold it under the brine. They use plates or something like it with a weight on top when folks make it in crocks. I just had this old pickle jar and no crock so it needed some improvisation. 


Just thought I’d mention that I changed my diet: from my coyote one (eat whatever, whenever it’s available, and as fast as you can shovel it in, so basically in wild mode) to raw vegan. 

How in the world does that happen? you ask. lol. I know sounds crazy to me too after being a huge beef eater my whole life (well, whenever I could afford it). 

Man. . . and it’s even worse cause I’m sticking to mostly fruit. Love fruit: it’s the one thing that almost always involves no cooking. And in case you don’t already know, I really hate cooking. (I know hate is a strong word but pretty sure it applies in this case.)

The reason? (Other than that raw vegans don’t have to cook). It’s a low methionine diet which is one of the essential amino acids, the specific one that cancer really needs. So by eating a diet low in methionine you stress the cancer cells. 

I’m kind of cycling off and on between low and not so low which I understand is the most effective. 

Just an odd thought about fruit. You know how I love Morher Nature and working with her has been the joy of my life. Well, I just realized fruit is the one food encouraged (all that sweetness is a bribe even) by nature, it’s not something you have to kill or maime anything to get, and I’m not talking about just animals either. Not even any plants are injured in eating a piece of fruit. 

It’s a great thing when you really consider it. The plant who can’t move is trying to distribute its offspring (seeds)  to new areas so it gives us the sweetness we desire in order to have us ingest and poop out or in what ever way to redistribute the seeds somewhere else in our mobile lives. It’s a lovely symbiotic relationship. I’m all about partnerships where working together bennifits both partners. So I just thought that was kind of cool. 

So now you can think of me as a little fruity. lol. I’ll let you know how it goes. 

The Smell of Sage

One of my favorite pictures hanging on the wall where I live now in town. I always imagine that’s me in the picture out on the prairie I love. I can almost smell the sage when I look at it, the smell of home. 

Snowman Snowlady

My snow walk today. 


Protected by my very own snowman. 

And look what we found, growing up high in a tree. Mushrooms?

Media Fast

As my goal is a quiet peaceful life that isconducive   to healing and health I decided to cut out the news, Facebook, and the like for this week at least. Just a little break from the negativity. 

In all honesty, Facebook has been interesting me less and less anyway (except I love my family and friends there) but Shirley, bless her heart, suggested I could post more on my blog. So I might do that. 

Here goes. 

A crazy thing happened to me yesterday.

 I went for a walk in the sunshine in the park by the river, alone. It was family day here in Alberta so there were lots of families and people with dogs doing the same thing in the same place as me. 

As I was crossing the street on my return home a car drove by and the driver waved. I thought it might be someone I knew and I just didn’t know the car so I waved. 

Then the car turned the corner kind of last minute like and when I walked by I noticed it parked and looked like the driver was watching me. I tried to ignore it but when he passed me I changed my course slightly so that I could take a short cut and be farther from the road. 

But the car pulled into the parking lot and the driver, no one I knew, a guy probably a little younger than me, jumped out and came over to me. “You wouldn’t be Karen would you?” “No” then he mumbled about all the people around and how he usually walked by himself and was I done my walk? Boy! Was I done! I excused myself politely then hurried home, luckily it was only 1/2 block away. 

What’s with that? I’m a little old to try and pick up, I don’t look pretty or rich. Now I feel like I need a friend to walk with. 


Just curious to see how this goes here. I posted this talk on FB and it along with some on a similar topic got mysteriously deleted from my timeline, in fact I’m not sure it was allowed into the feed. 

Of all the talks and comments I have heard on this topic this is the most sensible and down to earth explanation and by a Canadian. I like her. She’s bright and honest and, I believe, sincerely trying to help the world. 

We can’t just hide our heads in the sand and pretend darkness isn’t spreading or avoid being called a name to the detriment of our future and the future of all who love and in fact the whole world. 

Please, if you value my opinion at all, watch this so that you can improve your understanding of the situation. It’s well worth you time. 


The thing I love about cancer is the perspective it gives you. Time and an end to Time, it’s a magnificent view. 

I think everyone dreads the slow methodical killer and in their terror don’t pay attention to the gift it carries. 

Maybe I’ll let the ancient Roman philosopher Horace explain: “Whatever hour God has blessed you with, take it with grateful hand, nor postpone your joys from year to year, so that in whatever place you have been, you may say that you have lived happily.”