Media Fast

As my goal is a quiet peaceful life that isconducive   to healing and health I decided to cut out the news, Facebook, and the like for this week at least. Just a little break from the negativity. 

In all honesty, Facebook has been interesting me less and less anyway (except I love my family and friends there) but Shirley, bless her heart, suggested I could post more on my blog. So I might do that. 

Here goes. 

A crazy thing happened to me yesterday.

 I went for a walk in the sunshine in the park by the river, alone. It was family day here in Alberta so there were lots of families and people with dogs doing the same thing in the same place as me. 

As I was crossing the street on my return home a car drove by and the driver waved. I thought it might be someone I knew and I just didn’t know the car so I waved. 

Then the car turned the corner kind of last minute like and when I walked by I noticed it parked and looked like the driver was watching me. I tried to ignore it but when he passed me I changed my course slightly so that I could take a short cut and be farther from the road. 

But the car pulled into the parking lot and the driver, no one I knew, a guy probably a little younger than me, jumped out and came over to me. “You wouldn’t be Karen would you?” “No” then he mumbled about all the people around and how he usually walked by himself and was I done my walk? Boy! Was I done! I excused myself politely then hurried home, luckily it was only 1/2 block away. 

What’s with that? I’m a little old to try and pick up, I don’t look pretty or rich. Now I feel like I need a friend to walk with. 


3 responses to “Media Fast

  1. That was definitely unusual. The good Lord watched over you, though.
    Glad he didn’t pursue any further.
    Nothing wrong with dropping out to relax. God bless.

  2. Wow that’s weird…. Yes walk with a friend- or change the time you walk. Is there a walking club there?
    Glad you decided to blog more, it’s easier to talk about life on a blog than on facebook with all it’s armchair critics and negativity.

  3. Wow. That is scary. I’m glad you were where you could get away.

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