Daily Archives: March 3, 2017

Missing Blue

It’s taken me a while to pay this tribute to the best old dog ever. He’s been gone a couple weeks now and hole in my heart is still raw and painful.

He loved me. 

I never had to worry about someone petting him cause when I rode off he was always right with me. Saved my life, literally, more than once. And maybe I saved his too, more than once. We were partners. 

He worked cattle for me from the time he was a five month old pup till he was a 14 year old dog. He was a 40 mile a day dog. Always at his best moving the bigger herds of 600 pairs. But gentle enough to move a single lost calf. 

 Kind of like me, living in town never quite agreed with him. He tried to make the best of it and all the neighbors here loved his gentle, friendly spirit. 
It was a hard decision for me but it was time to let him go. He was in pain. I had asked the Lord to please let me outlive this old dog because I didn’t want him to go through the grief that a dog feels when their person is gone. I was willing, for his sake, to have my heart hurt instead of his.  And hurt it does.

 But all dogs go to Heaven and I know if I can live as good a life as my old dog that when I get to the Gate he’ll be waiting for me.