The Wall

Dust of a homesick heart. More personal stuff, sorry. 

 I drove to the Brooks today, (so many memories there) and when I left I started to cry and I cried the whole hour drive back to the city where we live now. I actually said, out loud, “I miss the person I used be” thinking about when Brooks was the place we shopped for everything, often groceries after dark and a long hard day in the saddle. 

I try not looking back, but it’s hard since the view in front me is blocked by a really big Wall. 

I am climbing but it worries me what I might actually see from the top of wall. Will the hard climb be worth it? 

My cowboy must have felt it too; he started talking about wanting a mule again. Once a cowboy always a cowboy. 

3 responses to “The Wall

  1. My Dad was born in Brooks – beautiful country, I easily understand how you miss it so.

  2. Don’t be sorry for personal stuff.
    How is your cancer battle going? Are you cancer free yet or do you still need treatment?
    I hope you and your Cowboy get some saddle time this year. It’s good for the soul.

  3. JoAnn Marshall

    Life is short. Get that mule. Move back. God Bless!

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