I guess it happens to most of us especially when you don’t feel good. At least I hope I’m not the only one. 

Some days I’m just angry. I think I’m doing good, all positive attitude-wise, good food choices, doing productive things, being patient, and then suddenly I feel like a string that  is strung too tight. 
Like I could snap, knocking Ali out in the first round, there is so much pent up energy behind it. 

Anger is just not healthy.  I have to find some way to get rid of it before that becomes what kills me. 


5 responses to “Angry

  1. Yep, you need to hang with some 4 legged critters, or take a drive to the prairie. Restore, recenter. Spring is coming!

  2. I am impressed that you recognize the anger in yourself. In my experience, anger is easy to identify in others but difficult to see in ourselves. …and, we all have bad days regardless.

  3. You really need to go ride a horse. Not sure where you are but is there a Therapeutic Riding Center there that you could volunteer at? Or maybe visit Crystal and go riding with her?

  4. JoAnn Marshall

    Think happy thoughts and remember riding your horse with your husband and dog with you. Think sunshine and spring! God Bless and have a good day! Go get that mule!

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