The Saurkraut

Ok, so the stuff I made didn’t turn out,  too salty, even rinced. So I bought some. Never tasted it before and all these years I had no idea how much I would like it. Oh my goodness! If I put it on my salad it’s better than salad dressing. Love the stuff. 

And who would think it has probiotics?  Cabbage great stuff. 


3 responses to “The Saurkraut

  1. Love sauerkraut! Didn’t know it had probiotics.

  2. LOL! I follow a Facebook page called Wild Fermentation and see recipes for sauerkraut with soooo much salt! Keeps me from even trying it. I’ll get my probiotics naturally, from a capsule!

  3. You are eating very healthy foods! Good girl! God Bless!

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