Guess I’m just not in a good place this morning having slept in and missed an important test. My own fault. “If is to be, it’s up to me. 
But at least I kind of have my own robin. He seems to like this tree right outside my window.

4 responses to “Blah!

  1. So do you still have cancer then? Sure hope not!
    I love robin song in the mornings and evenings. You are blessed to have one so close.

  2. I had breast cancer last year, surgery and radiation, looked clear. Now I have two new spots they are concerned about. New mammo, ultra sound, MRI and waiting for a needle bio. So maybe more surgery. I am waiting for back surgery but cannot go forward with that until the breast thing is finished. Walking around like a old old lady. Lots of pain in my back and legs. People say just hang in there and keep praying. I do.

    • So sorry. We all have our own things to deal with don’t we? Nobody goes through life without problems. At least we have freedom to make our own decisions and grow which is a privelege denied to so many women.

  3. JoAnn Marshall

    That little robin is bringing you blessings Cowgirl! Keep positive!

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