They can be so odd, dreams can. Remembered, not rememberanced, delicious or terrifying, and some explain things, events, past and present and sometimes future.

Like Israel’s boy, Joseph, who was sold into Egypt I have dreamed dreams in times past and been given very specific interpretation of them. I’ve learned to pay attention to my dreams. 

Today’s dream: I’m in the passengers seat, my cowboy driving, in the dark, down a mountain hiway. The road turns sharply left and too late I see that we are headed over the cliff. The car sails out over the edge and begins to fall.

 It is strangely quite, peaceful even. I can feel my breath stop and my stomach rise. Time slows immeasurably. I know when we hit the bottom we will die and I wait for it and we fall for ever so long. Before our cars crashes at the bottom I wake up, feeling almost cheated. 

I think this is where I am. I have irreversibly driven out over the cliff and just not hit the bottom yet. It’s an odd place to be-between no longer and not yet. 


5 responses to “Dreams

  1. I prayed for you all weekend – and here I am reading your words tonight. Praying angels buoy you in your everyday, and that in quietness and trust you find strength.

    You are such a truly gifted writer. Thank you for sharing that gift with us.

  2. I’m with Shirley – I pray you are both lifted by the wings of Angels.

  3. I pray that in that long fall your guardian angel lifts you up before the crash.

  4. JoAnn Marshall

    WOW! You might just be so worried that you are anticipating the end, Cowgirl! Life is short, go ride that horse!!! Try to enjoy every day.
    Have a blessed Easter!

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