We have been watching the Canadian tv series on the life of the famous Viking, Ragnar Lofbrok, and his sons. Pretty violent and pagan, a far cry from how I live and maybe even what I should be watching. 

I know Ragnar is the focus of the story but I so love Ragnars’s wife, Lagertha, a shield maid, worth her weight in gold, I’d say (at least how she is portrayed on the TV).  Fearless, capable, hardworking, a little more than scary, faithful, honest, tough, not afraid to speak up, smart, a protective mother and the kind of wife only a strong,  capable man would truly appreciate.

I smile when I see her do many things I would do or have done and I have started to think better of myself. If I can admire those things in her I can forgive myself for some of the things people don’t like about me. 

Although it’s my cowboy who knows he’s a descendant of Ragnar I can’t can’t help but wonder why I feel such a kinship to a Viking Sheildmaid. 

3 responses to “Vikings

  1. Love this show and yes Lagertha is a strong character with much to be admired.

  2. Interesting! Since you are Welsh, there is a possibility of some Viking blood in you as they raided the coast of Wales – you should check out your ancestry!

  3. JoAnn Marshall

    Because you know your worth! God Bless and keep believing in yourself!

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