To Teach

To each of you my blog friends whether you ever comment or not, I just want to tell you today how much I love you and how much I appreciate your love for me. 

You may not know this about me but I love to teach. I taught today. 

In the church I attend the lovely women I reverently and lovingly call my sisters have a special meeting each Sunday where we meet together to learn to be more like our Saviour. 

It’s a very special time and I consider it a great privelge to be able to be in that room learning the most important things in this world and in the next. 

It is even a greater priveledge that once a month I am asked to teach these ladies that I love about the Saviour that I love, even Jesus Christ. 

The reason I love teaching, in all my inept ADD lack of focus is because of the help I have learned to expect, learned to rely on. I don’t mean just these lovely sisters, although they do help immensely when they lift all our hearts with their comments of courage and service. 

No matter what anyone teaches there in that class these wonderful women always seem to be able turn the discussion into what they can individuals and personally do to help others, starting with their own families, extending to our little church family, then to anyone else in their sphere of association. 

The help I’m referring to is not from this world. I think people call the  helper I’m talking about by different names; the Spirit, the Holy Ghost is what I call him and he is my treasured friend. 

Without his help I’m a miserable failure as a teacher. With his help, I am 99.9% sure I could walk on water, if that was what the Lord asked me to do. 

To be blunt dying is hard. I felt like I was leaving behind so much and so many opportunities to do good, until today. Today that treasured friend whispered to me that I am headed towards a spectacular opportunity that will make me happier than anything I can do here. A full time opportunity where pain or fatigue can never touch me again. 

I’m going to be a teacher. 

Do you have any idea how many souls left this world with out ever hearing the good news of the gospel, never knowing a thing about Jesus Christ’s example? 

Billions and teachers are sorely needed to help them prepare their hearts to accept the Saviour’s grace and to know the blessings provided by his death, Atonement, and resurrection. 

Of all the things my Saviour did while he was here on Earth I love that he was a teacher. I love that I will be a a nonstop teacher. I love that I will be in His service. I love that I will be able to help my brothers and sisters. I love that I will able to share what it has been my great blessing to have learned: that HE LIVES, and because of Him we will all live again; that He loves us, without any reservation, no matter what our mistakes or sins, and willingly gave His life because of that love. 

I love that I am going to teach. 


2 responses to “To Teach

  1. It is often suffering that brings us closer to Jesus, for we can unite our suffering to His. He set the example for us, through His suffering and death and Resurrection which is our hope.

  2. JoAnn Marshall

    So gad you are teaching. Praise the Lord!!! Have a blessed day Cowgirl!

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