Thinking out Loud

I’ve been trying to process something so I’m just thinking out loud. It was the 6 seasons of the tv show Downton Abbey that started the pondering. I actually loved the show. I loved the kindnesses and the triumph over trials it portrayed. 

I found the show particularly interesting now after having been in Powys Castle, spoiled by my cousin by having spent a week in the lovely Victorian style hotel by the sea (thanks to my cousin Alun for that) and on my cousin’s mystery trips to the fox hunt at the dowagers and the tour of the Duke of Devonshires house, (what a ‘house’ that was). And if you’re reading this Tom, thankyou again for the mystery trips. What marvelous experiences. All were tastes of a culture I didn’t realize existed.  

To me, growing up in Alberta, as I have, I have never been exposed to any class distinction. It’s just not part of life here. I have rich friends, poor friends, educated and school dropout friends, friends with jobs and ones with their own businesses, landowner friends and ones who live in subsidized houseing. We accept each other’s situations and try to help each other when we can. 

There really is no one that I would trade places with except anyone who spends their day out on the prairie. No one is any better or worse off than another, we all have trials and heartaches, joys and successes. 

I noticed there was something different when I was in England; maybe they will say there isn’t any class distinction anymore but there is some kind of remnant of it. A remnant of something you see in that show. Something I can’t seem to wrap my head around. 

3 responses to “Thinking out Loud

  1. I followed you years ago! So glad to find you again.

  2. I think a lot if it is the history that is imbued in the genes of the nation. A way of life that has existed for centuries can’t be erased by one or two generations.

  3. JoAnn Marshall

    How blessed you are to have had that experience. Have a wonderful day Cowgirl!

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