Not really fond of hospitals. Plus I must eat way more than most people incarcerated in these places. After breakfast I sure am hungry. Must still be a little coyote left in me. 

I was thinking back to when I was sick as a kid. This is me at age 7 when I had whooping cough. That’s my horse Trigger and my other pal was a white kitten  a hunter found, almost dead, and gave to us. His name was Fluffy, for obvious reasons lol.

He’s not in the picture but I’m sure my old collie dog, was laying by my bed there. He never left me the whole two months I laid there. 

A long time between then and now. A lot of life lived. 


3 responses to “Between

  1. Adorable pic of you as a child 🙂 I don’t think anyone is fond of hospitals

  2. Such a cute photo of little you. I had whooping cough when I was 2 yrs old, so I don’t remember anything except that mom made a makeshift oxygen tent out of blankets for me. I ended up with rheumatic fever, I guess I was pretty sick.
    Sure hope whatever you got the transfusion for, it helps.

  3. JoAnn Marshall

    Hope you are feeling better. God Bless the cowgirl!!!

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