Daily Archives: June 18, 2017

Cheering up

Today I was in sore need of cheering up. Hospitals do that to me, way to many unpleasant memories so I don’t know why, in my wildest dreams, I thought this time should be any different. Cold torture chambers with some kind nurses, some not kind or, dare I say,  even competent.

It was so good to get out. 

Ever seen a cornered, scared cow? If it’s too much for them and you back off and give them space it’s pretty safe for you but keep pressuring them beyond their ability to handle it and don’t give them a way out, they’ll make one of their own often that involves running right over top of you, the only way out. I was at that point today. Luckily the nurses were some pretty good cowgirls. 

The day just got better and better.


Yup, made out to the prairie. And laid there and just cried at the calm and little song birds singing, nothing but sky above me. It was glorious. 

I brought a precious little bouquet of familiar friends home. 

But first I stopped at my youngest daughter’s, a surprise visit. I have a grandson there who could cheer anyone up. He is such a character and can always make me smile.

Not sure what he’s supposed to be but as long as it involves a cowboy hat I’m happy. He’s had that hat a lot of years and I watched him take the lint brush out and carefully clean it all off. Totally cheered me up.