Oh my goodness! For anyone that believes all that awaits us when our lives are finished is that you die and worms eat you I'm going to sound more than a little crazy.

But if you're like me and have had faint but memorable experiences with the other side and you know the end is not "the end" you'll just smile when you hear my ramblings.

It's about loved ones on the other side conspiring to do all they can to help us, the living, make our journey through life in such a way that the other side for us will be a place of such great joy we can't even imagine it.

Today I witnessed an unbelievable set of coincidences, not in my life mind you, but in the life of a newly found family member. I stand in awe of all that had to transpire with such perfect timing in order for the association to be made, truly a miracle of circumstances. And I could see how perfectly it was all planned. Oh ya, a definite plan had been made.

It just confirmed to me what I already know. They love us over there, generations of family members long passed on; and they are doing all they can think of to help us.

You are so loved; never ever doubt that. You might not be able to see it now but I think in those rare moments in life when all is still that if we try at all, we can feel that love.

Welcome, little Abby, to the fold. You come from good people.

5 responses to “Conspiring

  1. Welcome to your little Abby, may her life be blessed.
    I recently read Amy Hale Auker’s book called Rightful Place. This passage made me think of you.
    “My love for the prairie crept up on me, seduced me gradually with cottonwood trees and limitless narrative skies. In my effort to look beyond the doors & windows, pavement & glass, structures & boundaries of modern day living. I have taken advantage of rural, and often isolated, life to become intimate with the land and it’s seasons. Now I can’t live without the wide open sky or the cleansing wind. My heart knows the buffalo grass and it’s knobby winter hopefulness and ever reaching runners”
    As always,
    Cindy Quigley

  2. I always include the deceased in my prayers. Who knows what souls will benefit from prayer? I like what St. Therese said:
    I will spend my heaven doing good on earth”.

  3. JoAnn Marshall

    Inspiring! God Bless the Cowgirl!

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