A Love Story

This one is a little out of the ordinary, if any love story is ever ordinary. This one certainly isn't.

About 6 years ago I posted this post about being forced to find homes for our dogs: my dog Gus and my Cowboy's dog Pshaw. Broke both our hearts.

I prayed really hard that my Gus would go to someone that he would love as much as he loved me. That little pup who picked me and wouldn't give me up in spite of me wanting the red and white colored pup I had picked out.

My prayers were answered; a Cowgirl angel named Deb took my Gus and my Cowboy's little Pshaw to work cows for her on a place up by Longview. Gus found the very love I prayed for him.

My cowboy and I often talked about getting our dogs back somehow but we just didn't have the means or the work for them. It was all we could do to take care of our deaf dog, Pojke and my old dog, Blue till it was their time to go. My, but it's been so lonely since Blue left.

You all know I'm not well. The next step for me isn't far off and it's been hard on my cowboy, harder on him than me. He's the one who has to stay behind and be lonely while I get to move on to my next grand adventure.

I've done everything I could possibly think of to make sure he's taken care of after I'm gone. Somethings maybe didn't seem the kindest but they needed doing while I was here to help him through it.

I prayed to God to please send him someone to love in my place. I could have never imagined in my wildest figurings how that prayer would be answered.

Well, a couple of days ago while I was in the hospital I got a call right out of the blue from Deb who I don't think I've talked to for 3 or 4 years telling me her situation had changed and she was looking for a home for our dogs. Did I know anyone? I could hardly speak.

All I could think of was this picture.

Pretty much says it all. Today she came home. No eyes for me but a lot hugs and face lickings for our Cowboy.

Tonight, I am so thankful to the Lord for that little dog and for that Cowgirl angel who listens to Him.

6 responses to “A Love Story

  1. tears my friend. Of joy for Pshaw and your cowboy, and for your blessed kind heart. I totally understand about Gus. I was moved to write something about that not long ago. “I pray that I should have the strength to outlive my dog, for I would rather break my own heart than his

  2. Oh that is so wonderful! Did you get both dogs back? I hope so! Border collies are ok with not working as long as they have their person and can go places with them. I have owned BC’s for over 20 years without giving them a livestock job and they have all been happy dogs.

    • I didn’t ask for my Gus back, as much as it hurt not to. I always said I wouldn’t want to go before my dog so it would be my heart to hurt and not his. Gus has many years left and I don’t. Just trying to do the kind thing for my Gus.

  3. So beautiful Cowgirl. Prayers answered! God Bless!!!

  4. Oh I am so happy for all of you!! I’m sitting here at work at my desk with my coworkers wondering why I am crying. This is absolutely wonderful!

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