My Memories of Mason

I haven’t got to spend a lot of time with my grandchildren for whatever reasons. Except for one grandson, Mason, with whom I have shared some small but very precious-to-me-moments. 

He has been on walks with old Blue and Pokje and I out on the prairie which mostly consisted of mason trying to keep up with Pojke,  me trying to keep up with Mason, and Blue just doing his own thing. He let me tell him about grass and he loved the fact that he could eat the seeds of grasses, depending on the time of year. He likes to eat, like most boys. 

I think possibly I may have been the first one to give him driving lessons, in fact a couple of times. I think he was only five but in the middle of the prairie there is nothing to run into. He steered, I ran the gas pedal. 

And there was a 6 hour stint of “Power Rangers” when I looked after him once when his mom was gone. 
Riding bikes around in the community hall parking lot. And playing on the equipment behind the hall with he and his brothers and a couple of friends. Fun times. I would watch for them to come down the road towards our basement suite when they came. and then watch till they turned the corner riding their bikes home. 

He was a costume kind of kid and I have tons of pictures of him dressed as the superhero I know is in there some where. 

I had the loveliest day with him just a few days ago. Picture a beautiful fall day. Around where I live we call those special kinds of days Indian Summer. Crisp but not cold. Sunshine everywhere: filling the sky in the trees overhead, laying crisp on the ground in the shape of  familiar leaves. A day of possibilities when anything wonderful could happen and often does. Even Christmas hangs invisible in the air, in the back of our contented minds. 

Being an active boy I thought, well no, I pretty knew, that he would have fun on my little push scooter. I bought it a while back to use with my Cowboy when he walked the dog because I couldn’t quite keep up. With it, I could just push and glide along beside them. 

I made him wear my bike helmet and sent him on a short training mission with his Grandfather and Pshaw. After that I just laid out on the futon under the covered porch and watched him ride back and forth in the condo’s parking area. Every time he got close to me he’d stop and we’d have a short visit. I think its been a long time since I’ve been that deliciously happy.  

Thank you Mason. Grandma really appreciated all those fond memories I shared with you. 

2 responses to “My Memories of Mason

  1. Life is short. Enjoy every moment you can savor! God Bless the Cowgirl!

  2. Special moments :o)

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