Welcome to the life a women who rides, ropes, and follows around her hero as he works hard at the greatest job in the world, being a cowboy.

Things to know about me:

I’m the daughter of a Welshman, the wife of a cowboy, the mother of girls, the grandmother of 8 (so far).

I saw my first horse when I was 3; first owned a horse when I was 15 (which I bought with only my own money that I saved since I was 3).

I putter around at drawing and writing, both of which I studied at school.

I like dogs, cats, horses, but I especially admire cows.

I love the Lord

9 responses to “ABOUT ME

  1. Hi There,
    I am a horse lover and owner from Ontario. I was wondering if you would like to be a guest on my new Canadian horse podcast – Straight From the Horse’s Mouth Radio Show- an interview podcast that features the most creative and interesting people in the horse world. I have conversations with equine artists, authors,inventors, entrepreneurs, therapists, veterinarians, anyone with an innovative approach to horses.
    You may be interested in my interview with Joe Scully – Pro Rodeo MC http://www.straightfromthehorsesmouthradioshow.com/2015/03/08/joe-scully-pro-rodeo-mc/
    Please check out my website and if you are interested let me know.
    Paula Slater

  2. I also just found your blog and am enjoying it. What do you like to draw? Have you posted any of your art? Would love to see it.
    Keep looking up—this was a favorite verse of mine when I went through a neck surgery…Job 2:10

  3. Hi, Just found your site today. I am an old rider in Ontario. I love to draw too. My web site is brand new and creating it has been a huge learning curve for me.

  4. Have you been making posts? Things show up in my blog reader,but when I go to read the post, WordPress tells me it’s not found. :/
    Of course if you’re moving, you probably aren’t posting.
    Hope the move is going well!

  5. Trying to read your latest posts, but can’t see any after 3/16. Weird. Sure gonna miss you guys if you stop.

  6. Do you still have your same email address? I’d like to send you mail. :o)

  7. Love seeing the baby calves.

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