To Teach

To each of you my blog friends whether you ever comment or not, I just want to tell you today how much I love you and how much I appreciate your love for me. 

You may not know this about me but I love to teach. I taught today. 

In the church I attend the lovely women I reverently and lovingly call my sisters have a special meeting each Sunday where we meet together to learn to be more like our Saviour. 

It’s a very special time and I consider it a great privelge to be able to be in that room learning the most important things in this world and in the next. 

It is even a greater priveledge that once a month I am asked to teach these ladies that I love about the Saviour that I love, even Jesus Christ. 

The reason I love teaching, in all my inept ADD lack of focus is because of the help I have learned to expect, learned to rely on. I don’t mean just these lovely sisters, although they do help immensely when they lift all our hearts with their comments of courage and service. 

No matter what anyone teaches there in that class these wonderful women always seem to be able turn the discussion into what they can individuals and personally do to help others, starting with their own families, extending to our little church family, then to anyone else in their sphere of association. 

The help I’m referring to is not from this world. I think people call the  helper I’m talking about by different names; the Spirit, the Holy Ghost is what I call him and he is my treasured friend. 

Without his help I’m a miserable failure as a teacher. With his help, I am 99.9% sure I could walk on water, if that was what the Lord asked me to do. 

To be blunt dying is hard. I felt like I was leaving behind so much and so many opportunities to do good, until today. Today that treasured friend whispered to me that I am headed towards a spectacular opportunity that will make me happier than anything I can do here. A full time opportunity where pain or fatigue can never touch me again. 

I’m going to be a teacher. 

Do you have any idea how many souls left this world with out ever hearing the good news of the gospel, never knowing a thing about Jesus Christ’s example? 

Billions and teachers are sorely needed to help them prepare their hearts to accept the Saviour’s grace and to know the blessings provided by his death, Atonement, and resurrection. 

Of all the things my Saviour did while he was here on Earth I love that he was a teacher. I love that I will be a a nonstop teacher. I love that I will be in His service. I love that I will be able to help my brothers and sisters. I love that I will able to share what it has been my great blessing to have learned: that HE LIVES, and because of Him we will all live again; that He loves us, without any reservation, no matter what our mistakes or sins, and willingly gave His life because of that love. 

I love that I am going to teach. 


So pretty,  both of them, the flowers and the flower giver. Thankyou Seeetheart. 


I went to a lovely church activity yesterday, one for the women I go to church with. I’m here to tell you that I consider it one of my greatest privileges to be in the company of such truly great women. Yesterday it was a further blessing to be in the company of their mothers. 

I met their mothers, not in person but through a picture and a story that each of these women had brought. It was part of a game where we had to guess which mother belonged to which of the daughter there. 

 It was especially poinant to learn of these mothers through the eyes of their daughters. Wonderful stories of pies baked, dresses sewed, service to those in need but, alas, not all mothers are wonderful. Some have problems that affect their children. 
One woman had previously confided in me about a difficult relationship with her mother. When I heard the story of this mother’s life which was itself very difficult I understood why she was the way she was with her daughter and so did this daughter. This is a daughter any mother would be so proud of. I love this daughter and yesterday I admired her even more for the kindness she showed her mother in what she said. 

I want to follow her example and tell you about my mother, the story and picture I shared yesterday with these women. 

When I was a very little girl, 4 or 5, I remember so clearly holding my mom’s hand walking down the main street of the small town where I grew up. She was born there and had lived all her life there and knew almost every soul that lived in that town. 

As we passed Stewart’s Hardware store I saw a fancy long pink car I was later to find out was a Cadillac (a big deal in the fifties). Out of this shiny pink Cadillac steped a really well dressed woman and my mother stopped to have a very nice visit with her. I thought, wow! My mom knows rich fancy people that must make us special too. 

Mom concluded her conversation and with me in tow she carried on down the street. On the corner I could see a very badly dressed man stumble off the curb and head towards us. I recognized even at that young age that he was very drunk. You can’t imagine my horror when he stopped to visit with my mom too. She was as pleasent to him as she had been with the woman in the pink Caddy. 

My little brain tried to process all this and when we got home I asked mom about those two people. She said the woman had come from a very poor home and had been looked down on by the people in town till she had married a wealthy man. The man had come from a very good family and once had a lovely wife and children. When they were all killed in an accident he fell apart and became an alcoholic. 

When I later heard that God is no respecter of persons it was very easy for me to understand and believe because of the example of my mom just walking down the street one day. 

The church women guessed right away that it was my mom. She was/is much prettier than I am and when she laughed it sounded like bells tinkling. 


We have been watching the Canadian tv series on the life of the famous Viking, Ragnar Lofbrok, and his sons. Pretty violent and pagan, a far cry from how I live and maybe even what I should be watching. 

I know Ragnar is the focus of the story but I so love Ragnars’s wife, Lagertha, a shield maid, worth her weight in gold, I’d say (at least how she is portrayed on the TV).  Fearless, capable, hardworking, a little more than scary, faithful, honest, tough, not afraid to speak up, smart, a protective mother and the kind of wife only a strong,  capable man would truly appreciate.

I smile when I see her do many things I would do or have done and I have started to think better of myself. If I can admire those things in her I can forgive myself for some of the things people don’t like about me. 

Although it’s my cowboy who knows he’s a descendant of Ragnar I can’t can’t help but wonder why I feel such a kinship to a Viking Sheildmaid. 


They can be so odd, dreams can. Remembered, not rememberanced, delicious or terrifying, and some explain things, events, past and present and sometimes future.

Like Israel’s boy, Joseph, who was sold into Egypt I have dreamed dreams in times past and been given very specific interpretation of them. I’ve learned to pay attention to my dreams. 

Today’s dream: I’m in the passengers seat, my cowboy driving, in the dark, down a mountain hiway. The road turns sharply left and too late I see that we are headed over the cliff. The car sails out over the edge and begins to fall.

 It is strangely quite, peaceful even. I can feel my breath stop and my stomach rise. Time slows immeasurably. I know when we hit the bottom we will die and I wait for it and we fall for ever so long. Before our cars crashes at the bottom I wake up, feeling almost cheated. 

I think this is where I am. I have irreversibly driven out over the cliff and just not hit the bottom yet. It’s an odd place to be-between no longer and not yet. 

Some Beach, Some Where

Or in my case, some prairie, I know exactly where. Instead I’m waiting  to talk to my Dr. (that I tenderly refer to as the shark) after missing 3 appointments. Not a good day. 

Wish I was here instead. 

Green is Coming

Don’t you love spring? Soon we’ll have leaves. Yay!!!


Guess I’m just not in a good place this morning having slept in and missed an important test. My own fault. “If is to be, it’s up to me. 
But at least I kind of have my own robin. He seems to like this tree right outside my window.


I’m not sure I’ve mentioned this before but I count myself mightily blessed to be a woman. 

I didn’t think so when I was a little girl who, back then, couldn’t go to Cubs cause that was just for boys. And it was immodest to tree climb or swing to high in a dress, among other things. I thought I was awefully hard done by having to be a girl. I hadn’t really changed my mind till I met and married a certain cowboy. 

It does seem like I, or any woman should feel priveledged to be a woman, what with going through periods, childbirth, and menopause. None of them without a pretty big downside.  But as I have learned they are necessities in our partnership with God to bring precious sons and daughters into the world. In the end they are a small price to pay for the opportunity to be a mother. I love being a mom. Also not without its heartaches but again, so worth it. 

Today I’m thinking about something else, the privilege of associating with other women. I stand in awe of so many whose courage and kindness astound me. Their examples comfort and inspire. 

It is my greatest sadness that so many are treated so badly. 

Meet Yeonmi Park

See her story by clicking Here

Such a brave young women. I pray daily for women in the world who face terror and abuse everyday of their lives. 

The Saurkraut

Ok, so the stuff I made didn’t turn out,  too salty, even rinced. So I bought some. Never tasted it before and all these years I had no idea how much I would like it. Oh my goodness! If I put it on my salad it’s better than salad dressing. Love the stuff. 

And who would think it has probiotics?  Cabbage great stuff.