Monthly Archives: February 2013

Still Kicking

Just to let you all know I am still alive and kicking.

It’s still winter here and I have spring fever till I can hardly stand myself. There is way less snow not too much further south and I keep finding reasons to head that way. It just makes it worse because, there, I can see the grass. It might be asleep but at least I am reassured it’s still there, like me.

We’ll soon be moving. Another job offer came back up a couple of days ago that sounds a little more like us than the one we will be taking but we are heading to Saskatchewan just to look at this one, this week some time. 40,000 acres of precious native grass, a couple thousand head of yearling heifers, 360 degrees of horizon, and endless blue sky. Sounds like home. I hope it’s not too good as we have made our commitment. It would have to be pretty spectacular on top of the extra $3,000 a year they have offered us for us to tell the kids we aren’t coming now.