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A Door Closing

According to the boss the other hired man didn’t like us much according to him it was the boss so I don’t know what’s going on except that we’ve been let go already. 

So a little packing up and we’re back to the city. 

I’m long past trying to force my way in the world or crying over spilt milk. I’ve learned when a door closes another one opens. And I like Karma good enough to let her sort it all out. 

Life is still good. 

The Barn

To a cowboy the barn is a big deal. This happens to be a really nice old barn. Not too often you see log barns on the prairie.    

 Love those half doors. 
   This is our tie stall where our horses are fed and saddled. 

 The manger. 
   Through that gate is a large box stall, the only one. 

 Then the closest one here is the bosses and the one closest to the tack room door is the other hired man’s. He’s been here 9 years. We’re just seasonal help this year. 
 On the other side of the barn is the hay storage. 

  Yup, nice barn. 

Here’s a couple of other buildings.   This is the pump house close to the barn. Another log structure.  

 This is a log structure too although a different kind and painted. Doesn’t look used right now. 

 A few antiques hung on the side.  
 This is the outside of our house. The part closest is where the kitchen is. The cross is just the laundry line minus the line. But I love hanging out clothes so I’m hoping to get that fixed. 

Everything is very tidy and well cared for. It’s a really nice place, not just a really nice barn. 

Lily Dlos

That means Pretty Lily in Welsh. She is pretty but the best thing about her is her hugs. I didn’t even get to pet a cat while I was gone and although my cowboy was very good to her, we still missed each other a lot. I don’t know whose the most staved for hugs, her or me. 

For Goodness Sake

I thought I was happy in Wales but even that got bumped up a notch on this ranch. What a happy place! I’ve been cheerfully tidying and rearranging a few things to suit me in this cutest furnished little ranch house. 

And you’ll never guess what! It has a piano and it’s in tune! I can only play a few simple little hyms on it but to me they are just as pretty as Bach’s Organ Fugue in G Minor (my favorite). 

That chair (I love blue) is an automatic supper comfortable recliner and . . . wait for it . . . 

BOOKS!!!!  And good ones, ones I haven’t read yet. 

And the kitchen, it’s so cheerful. Blue loves the kitchen. 


And check out the view out the kitchen window. (Sorry about the screen). That’s the bull pasture. 

 There is a really nice little desk and chair that I plan to use for writing and painting. 
For goodness sake I couldn’t even imagine a place I could like any better. 

Land of my Fathers

Oh dear, my last day in Wales, the land of my fathers. What a place. Oh how I’ll miss the very air here. 
Hen Gymru fynyddig, paradwys y erg 

Pob dyffryn, pob clogwyn, i’m golwg sydd hardd;

Trwy deimlad gwladgarol, mor swynol yw si

Ei nentydd, afon
Gwlad, gwlad, pleidiol wyf i’m gwlad,

Tra môr yn fur

I’r bur hoff bau,

O byd


I’m leaving clothes behind so I can take some really precious treasures home to Alberta. 
A few of the little much appreciated gifts from family.   
My cousin made this beautiful bag.    
The Welsh National Anthem on black Welsh slate. A coaster for my tea. I have two more just as special. And this:


Oh my! That’s a really, realy nice pen.

Last Mystery Trip

You think you know how rich people live? Well, I’ve watched TV. Lifestyles of the rich and famous. I can honestly say I didn’t get it. Not till this mystery trip. Chatsworth home of the Duke of Devoshire. 

made the Welsh castle, Castell Coch, look like a humble country abode. 

   The picture above….. That’s the barn. 

 This is the back door.   The owners. 

    Can you imagine sitting down to supper here? All that stuff in the centre is real silver as are all the place settings. I don’t know if you can see but the silver forks are set with the tines down in case someone has a sleeve with lace. It had two big fireplaces. 

  Or a four foot tall one of these for a little birthday gift?

   Or this for a cozy little bedroom? Where even looking up in bed is plush. 

 Maybe you would prefer the one with hand painted walls?

   Or maybe one of these?

Oh and don’t forget life size family pictures on almost every wall. 

That is, the ones that don’t have actual Rembrants or a little Reuben’s hanging there. (Rembrandt  has always been my favorite. )

Or if you prefer sculpture maybe one or two of these might be your favorites. 

The stone was cut here to make you actually think that was real fabric draped over the face of the life size domestic goddess, Hestia holding her little flame. 


Of courseI like dogs so this one caught me eye. Sad story for this dog waiting for his handsome shepherd to wake that never will, some desirous goddess having put him into a forever sleep so she could enjoy seeing him forever. The foot of that dog looked so real. 

Or maybe for inspiration you would like to look into the face of Alexander the Great who, by the way, is looking into the face of Napolean. Both of them larger than life size. 

And my personal favorite, being a Leo.  


  Although his sleeping friend was much less terrifying. 


My one regret on this whole trip has been my broken camera back home and having to take photos with just my almost full iPhone. Or I could have shown you tons more of what real rich looks like. I didn’t get a photo of the solid gold laver they baptized children in. 

Maybe the fact that they had, before the Second World War, over 250 servants who have their own town on site with its own church or that they have projected spending 74 million dollars in the next ten years on upkeep and repairs

Even the rich need to be smart. So they have tours and the barn is turned into a shop.  


 So thanks to my cousin I now have at least a clue on what money can buy if you have more than you could ever spend. What a mystery trip!

First Day

My cowboy’s first day on the new job. He phoned across the ocean all happy. He rode Super Trouper till 1:00 sorting some yearlings that got mixed up with the heifers. Sounds like the house and the neighbors are nice and the boss lady. I sure can’t wait to start this new chapter in our lives. Can’t wait for my first day.