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The Family

They all get along so well. Glad the couch is old and dilapidated though.


Odd word it is. Catching a break, a breaking heart, a break (as in a rest).

My one little happiness that I’ve been clinging to, gone. Friday is apparently my last day at the library job I was enjoying. I guess I’m just not that bright. I thought I was doing a good job. I must have misunderstood. I thought they were going to cut my hours back in the fall, not cut them entirely.

Can’t seem to catch a break. I think I need a break from life.


Some Days

What do I say? Maybe just that some days I could do with out.

Not the days I work at the library, those are good days. I love books, they have ever been my friends, friends in a world that understands me, accepts me, helps me. As a child they were never too busy to answer my questions, over and over if I needed to hear them over and over.

Now we ask Google, but when I was growing up, it was books that had the answers

Pojke, our deaf dog has been having seizures, about a month apart, a month or two ago. Then he had two in a row last night. I didn’t need to go to work today which was a small blessing as none of us got much sleep.

20140816-204323.jpgHe’s sleeping peacefully now. Hopefully we all will tonight and tomorrow will be a better some day.

Where There’s Smoke

I remember times out a horseback and seeing smoke. It always scared the beans out of me, afraid I wouldn’t get back to the trailer in time.

This was just a couple miles south of where I live now on some friends grass today, not far from where I walk the dogs.

Prairie fires are a scary deal.

Vector Drawing

Just fooling around; kinda fun.



There is actually something really nice about being alone; I think it’s the freedom. A person can run around naked in the house if they want (that’s not me but I do like running around in underwear if I so choose), eat what you want, sleep when you want, and no interruptions if you’re in the middle of something.

I suppose a person might go looney if they were alone all the time. Trying to look on the positive side of being married to a truck driver. Have to say I miss my cowboy though and our days out on the prairie, still.



Life in the basement is still in the basement. But I love my little library job, the children and parents who come there, my boss, and my coworker. But none of that happens in the basement either.

Thank you God

Thank you for the rain on the prairie tonight.





The prairie is looking pretty dry and mostly dormant which is normal for this time of year. The grass gets most of its growth (I think around 80%) before the first of July and then it kind of sleeps thru the hot months of July and August. There is a shorter push of growth before the cold of winter sets in. Most of the later growth goes into the root systems to give the plant reserves of strength to start it’s growth in spring.

All nature is very cyclic and I find that comforting even though the heat, bugs and spear grass of August makes it my least favorite month.

The prickly barbs of the spear grass are as sharp as a needles which is why they officially call it needle and thread grass.

Here is Blue with a piece stuck in his fur just under his ear. It hadn’t had time to work down to his skin so it was easily pulled out.

Soon the feeling in the air will change and it will be autumn, which is my favorite time of year, the abundance of the harvest and Christmas to plan for.

Good for the Basement


We’re just hanging out on the steps outside where we live so we don’t have to be in the basement.

I’ve come to realize the good thing about living in a basement apartment- I can’t hide there. I think I used to hide on the prairie, hide in a herd of cows, hide in the middle of 40,000 acres.

Because the basement is not that great of a place to be it’s forced me to get out and be around people more. I think it’s been good for me. I feel more confident in an odd sort of way.

People actually treat me like they like me. Wow, kind of surprises me. So there is something good about the basement.