Monthly Archives: September 2011

Home Alone

Aaah! All those last minute details before a trip, traveling out east with 2 horses. It will be quite the adventure for me but I’m a little worried about my cowboy home alone without his backup.

Salt boxes

Moving cows means moving the cattle oilers too and picking up the salt boxes. I know they get tipped over and sometimes chewed on a bit but my cowboy made them from the old corrals that got torn down at the south camp and I love them cause they were his idea and came out of his desire to do an excellent job of even the simple things. Love that guy.


A New Heart

When the heart you have breaks, God gives you a new one.

I don’t know when it happened for me, seems like a long time ago now though. I’ve been watching it happen to folks around me and I marvel at the process.

Somehow we finally get it, the price that was paid because we were that loved. This isn’t about being jilted by lovers or anything, it’s about when we change, when our heart breaks for all the wrong we’ve done and we get that new heart that never again wants to do bad stuff, one that care’s for other folks more than itself. I’m so thankful to my Father in Heaven. How can I ever pay all that back? I guess by what I choose to become. I choose:




To all my friends in the United States I just wanted you all to know that there is an old cowgirl on the Canadian prairies who grieves with you this day 10 years since so many of your people were lost in the cowardly attack on your country by the evil of terrorism. God bless you as you remember and God bless America.

Empty Handed

Usually I sit on pins and needles at a horse sale, terrified that my cowboy will buy a horse and then we won’t eat till the next pay cheque. Today I would have gone hungry for a big black horse I sure would have liked to call mine and I’ve never even liked black horses.


Sore Thumb

Another hot day, specially chasing 4 bulls out of the neighbors. Still scratching our heads on that deal. Oh, will the fun never end? I did smile about this guy though, only one of two out of 1800 and he sure sticks put like a sore thumb.


The Barn

Something grand about the simplest of barns. Ours has two tie stalls and two small box stalls, a nice little tack room, a couple of barrels to hold “ketch’em” oats, and a couple of rarely seen barn lions.
I remember when they showed us around the place the first time I didn’t care as much about what the trailer looked like as I did about how comfortable the barn would be. And when I saw I knew I could be happy here.


To Watch

My cowboy and I were looking on line for horses that were for sale and saw this video. It’s not us or ours (I kinda wish they were) but it’s fun to watch the boys having fun like they do around here ( at least towards the end, we never see the inside of an arena).


My heart goes out to Texas, worst drought since the 1950s and now all those fires burning and people and animals suffering. It does my heart good though to see how folks are helping
each other out. Trying to figure out what I could do.


Over a Month

It’s been more than a month since I hurt my arm on that, that quad and it’s still plumb painful to crawl up on horse. A person wouldn’t think a left arm was all that important to climbing on but it is. Well, it’s probably just over a month now and the cows will be headed home. It’ll have a chance to get better then.

In the meantime we have some fun help. Love these young fellows,wish I had a few of my own just like them.