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Blue in the Back with Boxes

Getting boxes to start packing. The moving madness begins.


The Plan

So many things going on at once. Still trying to get it all straight but for now this is the plan.

#1 The Condo: we’ll rent for now till we’re sure what’s going on. It’s Scarey having your home tied to your job. Been there done that and don’t like it. With the condo for backup we will have a place to live no matter what (like getting hurt or being let go or quitting but I sure can’t see that happening). That alone gives me a sense of peace. I can live there if I have too. It’s a really cute little place in a nice area close to where I can board my horse.

The Grazing Association we will be working for is all rather new and they are still figuring some things out like housing for us. Best case scenario we get a free house /free utilities to live in and worst case we spend the summers in a trailer kind of like glamping (pretty nice camping).

If the job and the housing on the lease job works out more permanent we’d like to buy the condo and rent it out till we need it, letting someone else make our payments for us till then.

I feel so good about everything, so calm and peaceful. It’s a good plan for us for now.


Happy, Happy, Happy

I spent the whole day looking at my new prairie home: creeks, wells, fences, grass, 40,000 acres of It. It was breathtakingly beautiful in places. It’s where I belong, where I’ve always belonged.

I’m so tired and happy, happy, happy.



I’m not sure I ever had a sense of destiny, of being prepared for any purpose in particular, well, nothing past cows and grass anyway. But that changed today.

All the frustrations and door slamming these last couple of years I just couldn’t understand. I couldn’t figure out what I was doing wrong. It all makes sense now. I had a little glimpse of destiny during an epiphany this morning. I saw how it all was leading up to this new page in my book of life.

Now it’s up to me to make the end of the story a good one. Destiny: if it’s to be, it’s up to me.

Stay tuned for what I hope will be some interesting reading.

Kick Me Quick

So help me if I ever complain about anything again, kick me quick.

You know how living on the basement is/was hard on me. I thought spending the summer on the prairie was heaven sent but heaven had even more in store.

Our lease is up end of this month and in looking around for another place to live we went and looked at condos for sale in the city. (I never in a million years would have even considered that a couple of years ago but living here underground changed my thinking quite a bit.)

We found the cutest condo then decided maybe the timing wasn’t quite right to buy but when we told the owners they said they liked us and asked if we’d like to rent for a year. Oh Ya.

So when we went in to sign the lease they put in an option to purchase anytime, without us even daring to ask. The gist of all that is, I’m no longer homeless. We’ll rent for a while and then buy (a really nice place).

It felt like home the minute I stepped in. The kitchen is huge. The feature walls are my favorite color of blue and even the house numbers are my lucky Phi type numbers. It’s all in one level and up a few steps, no one tramping around overhead. There’s a covered front porch with a place for the porch swing I always wanted. It’s in a really nice neighborhood surrounded by a huge park with lots of windows to enjoy the view. There’s an outdoor pool (my cowboy loves to swim) and an outdoor skating rink (I love to ice skate) almost next door. Best of all is only a long stone’s throw to where we will board our horses in the winter; I’ll be able to go ride everyday all winter if I want.

So now I’m not only smiling ear to ear (‘glist y glist’ in Welsh) but I’m so excited I can hardly stand myself.


Good News

I think we might be spending our summer at least out on the prairie doing what we love. A pasture manager called us looking for a hand. My cowboy said he could have two (him and me). My cheeks are starting to hurt from all the smiling.

The Crows

We went to a funeral today. One of the best I’ve been to. It was the kind where if you didn’t know the fella before, you got to know him real well from all that was reminisced about him during the service.

I didn’t realize he was from such a big family: 5 boys 6 girls. You know how in big families each of the older kids is assigned a younger sibling to watch out special for. I was so impressed how this fellas little sister, his assigned one, spoke of her older brother. This was a man well loved.

One of his grandaughters, not very old, got up in front of that big crowd and told the funniest story about him. How she would go to her grand folks house and right away start looking for her grandma. If she couldn’t find her she would go find her grandpa and ask “where’s grandma?” He would always tell her that her grandma went for a poop and the crows took her.

Just a note, thanks for your kind words about Pojke and someone called today about a cowboying job, for the summer at least. I’ll let you all know more when we figure out the details.


Rest in Peace

Pojke is gone. His seizures have been getting steadily worse. Last night’s was just so sad. Out of pity for the poor dog we put him down. My cowboy said that after, the dog came to him and thanked him. I believe that.

My daughter texted me this link. I think she thought it would help with the feelings of disappointment we have had lately but I thought it related to death too. I often wonder if death is painful so that we will choose to leave this life and walk thru the veil into the next. I believe our journey continues in a better place, not that I don’t love the Earth here.

Well , any way, Pojke was a good dog. I smile when I think of God and all the angels watching him run those big circles all around Heaven. But my heart misses him.


I Know, I Really Do

Sometimes He says: Wait
and some times He says: No

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So many nos. 😞