Monthly Archives: December 2013

A really Nice Christmas

Totally broke for a couple of days till pay day with so many bills and expenses and a humble Christmas on top of it but it’s ok. It was still good up until the bronchitis. Lol.

I got to play the 12 days of Christmas for an older widow in the community, my grandsons and I. I’m kind of a baa humbug when it comes to Halloween but I do love Christmas. I tried to teach them that Halloween was about what you get and Christmas is about what you give and that giving is actually more fun.

Our middle daughter and her husband flew home. She has the biggest dimples and it’s hard to look at her and not smile. She’s a good auntie and one of my grandsons told me he couldn’t wait for her to come home because she was all about having fun.

She helped with the twelve days of Christmas deliveries, her husband came one night, and a couple of nights even my old dog Blue helped. So it was really a team (of angels) effort. The awesome cocoanut butter tarts my daughter made and gave one of the nights gave up the secret of who we were but that’s ok. We tried really hard to be anonymous.

Somehow my cowboy convinced the land lady to let me have Pojke, our deaf collie here in the apartment. Not sure how he did it. I’m a little afraid to ask in case it involved a little more money but I sure appreciate it. He and his dad, Blue, get along so well.

We’re still going for walks on the prairie once a day in spite of the cold. I always take a few minutes just to stand still, facing the sun with my eyes closed and breathe in the prairie, a little piece of heaven in every day.

2013 will soon be over. Thank Heavens! So I just wanted to wish us all a Happy New Year and pray our good Lord blesses you with your own little piece of heaven everyday in the coming year.