My Friend

I’ve been working on a thankfulness journal, challenged by Sherry over at Fern Valley Appaloosas. What a blessing that has been, to be forced to sit down and actually think of the things I am thankful for. I didn’t realize how hard it would be this month.

Today it is my crazy old horse Pic. He has been a trial of my patience for the last 12 years. But he and I have finally understood each other and I say his name with great reverence now. I think I have found a place in his heart as well.


My cowboy bought him back in the days when he was a header and working for bigger money than what a cowboy makes. He cost more than we could ever afford now.

He was not a practice/jackpot horse; he was taught to give you one spectacular shot and earn you money at a big payout rodeo. He likes to run and run fast (faster than I ever want to go).

When we ‘retired’ (from making money to cowboying for a living) and moved to the ranch Pic was commissioned into service as a cowhorse. Too frustrating for my cowboy to ride he came to my string by default.

The first time I used him I was moving two bulls who didn’t like each other and had taken them a couple of miles with Pic jigging to go and flinging his head every time I picked up the reins. Finally he upset the bulls too long and they left the country about 1/2 mile from the corrals. I screamed, I cried, I got off and walked the last 1/2 miles swearing I would never ride that stupid horse again. But I did, for the last 11-12 years.

I’ve seen a lot from between those ears.

Sitting on his strong back feels better than sitting in the most comfortable chair you can imagine.

He’s learned to watch a bull and match his pace to their lumbering agonizingly slow cadence.

He’s kept me safe at speeds that make my eyes water so that I can hardly see. I learned never to doubt that if I need to get somewhere fast he’ll do that for me.

He and I together have helped a lot of cattle.

Sometimes he’s been my only shade on a hot long day on the prairie.

I can hardly count the miles we’ve traveled together following around my cowboy.

But best of all, we’re friends. When he sees me come out to the field he comes and puts his head in the halter or just lingers for a pat and a scratch.

14 responses to “My Friend

  1. I wanted to let you know, that I did look in my book and never found that brand. But will continue searching.

  2. Pic sounds like a truly wonderful fellow and a great trustworthy friend . This has been a tough challenge I know , but it is so worth it

  3. A great story- he sure is your heart horse isn’t he?

  4. What a great tribute to a great horse. I really felt how all those miles turned you into a team. You live an amazing life and I love to read about it.

  5. A lovely tribute to a fine working horse. Hope you have a lovely Christmas!

  6. Good friends like that are hard to find. Congrats on finding yours. :o)

  7. What a great story. Merry Christmas and God bless. ♥

  8. Now that is a true friend to be thankful for!

  9. I can’t help but wonder if Pic and my horse Trax aren’t related. (perhaps distantly) Not only are they very similar in markings, identical in color and very similar in they way they are built, it sounds like they pretty much have the exact same tempermant. Trax loves to run….really fast. He is kind of a hot head in some ways, but in others is the most dependable honest horse I have ever known. He lives for working cows. He will herd cows in the worst weather for hours and miles on end, and never get tired. Most of all he is my friend. In fact every time I see him, my first words to him are, “Hello Friend” and he comes to me for a treat. I have not had him as long as you have had Pic, and Trax came to me with a whole lot of baggage, but he has learned to trust me, and together we are working through that baggage and building a wonderful relationship. I hope our relationship is as good as what you have with Pic.

    • Does Trax have a brand? Pic was originally from the US because we don’t have brands like his up here in Alberta. Maybe they are related. Pic never had had a person till he had me. So he had a few issues too.

      • Nope no brand. I traced his history as far back as I could by contacting one previous owner after another. I know that he was born on a ranch in Northern Wyoming. He is not a registered anything. He changed hands many times and each time the hands were rough, until me.
        I like what you said about Pic never having a person until you. That is how it is for me and Trax. He never even had a name until I got him. He was just “the paint”. How sad is that?
        What is Pics Brand? I have a list of every single brand ever registered in WY. I might be able to tell you where he came from.

        I want to tell you that I love your blog. Your outlook on life is refreshing! 🙂

      • It almost looks like a lazy s but it is more like (/) c diagonal line backward c

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