I always kind of smile when we move cows. I always tell them it’s moo-ving day. I love the ones who pack up their only belonging (their calf) and prepare for the trip by letting them have a quick sip or two. It’s usually easiest to let them all head to the nearest watering spot and take the whole group from there. Yesterday they just headed for the gate. I love the simmentals, such nice cows to deal with


6 responses to “Moving

  1. My husband wants a Charolais bull and I can’t help but think of you every time he says that. I think I finally have him talked out of them…..

  2. glad it went well ,looks like fall has come your way

  3. Don’t you love it when things go sMOOthly?

  4. Hard to believe the summer is over already.
    Hope you’re all doing well and that you’ve healed.

  5. Well!…………I have to say that was brilliant!……I wonder what it would do for me?????????????????

  6. Hey- you’re back! How did your cowboy fare without you? Sorry the timing wasn’t right to get to meet you last weekend, but maybe next year.

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