The Divorce Horse

I wonder how many books could be written with that title.

While I was off hauling 2 horses out to Ontario for our daughter that has just recently moved out there, my cowboy bought a horse . . . for me. We’ve been looking for some time. Pic is getting old. Big, broke horses, that are solid to rope on aren’t easy to find especially for what we have have to spend. Still I figured if we were carefull and patient my dream horse would be out there.

I was excited when I first talked to him on the phone about this new horse. Sweet broke to death, he says, I’m gonna love him. He sends me a picture of a cute bald face (I’ve always admired bald faced horses).

The next day I have some time to review what he had told me on the phone: the horse is 4 (1st red flag), he’ll grow (2nd red flag), 5 months reining training (3rd red flag), he tells me the price (it’s a lot), if I don’t like him-he’ll ride him (red flag, red flag . . .  starting to see a lot of red).

I start worrying, give up some of my plans, and hurry home. I see a bald face horse in the corral when I drive in the yard and slip in to have a look at MY new horse. The top of head doesn’t come up to the whithers on the new grey horse standing beside him (oh no!).  I notice when he walks off that he paddles in the front end (what!). OK, OK (I try to calm down). He’s broke, I’ll wait till I ride him.

That was today. I was so frustrated at riding a puny little 4 year old that I couldn’t get my work done on, I got off, chased the horse away and walked 3 miles back to the trailer through 2 big ditches (one full of sloughy water that filled up my boots and made my pants stink) crying.

I don’t get it. I just don’t get it.





12 responses to “The Divorce Horse

  1. Sorry…I wouldn’t want anyone picking out a horse for me – and I don’t even work on them. I’m sure you’re hubby thought he was doing the right thing for you. Hope you get things figured out, and you find one that’s a better fit.

  2. Not trying to laugh but one of these days you’ll laugh 🙂

  3. Also, I gave you a blog award. Swing by and pick it up when you get a chance.

  4. Terril wants to know if you cooled off after walking through those ditches 😉

    • It wasn’t the stinky sloughy water that did it but tell him ya, the long walk did me good. The most shameful part of all that is when I got back to the trailer and looked up that poor little horse, sweet soul that he is, shadowed me all the way there and came to me when I whistled. At least I got off him and didn’t take my frustration out on him; I was thankful for that. I’d love him to pieces if he was just bigger. Not looking for another short horse are you? You would like him too.

  5. Oh no, that’d be the pits! Hope it all works out in the end. 🙂

  6. Well you know what they say “When you want a job done right ….send a woman” Sorry about you having to walk around with stinky pants.

  7. Yeesh! That sounds really wrong. Funny that he bought that horse for you , you usually seem so in sync with what you like in a horse . Whonder what he saw…

  8. I’d be so angry… I don’t know what I’d do. Probably the same. But I have to admit that I was chuckling when I read this post — it’s just so classic. They buy you what they want… men! or more accurately… husbands!

  9. Well, if he is your horse, you can sell him. No sense being mad on both sides of your face; just find another home for him and go horse shopping.

  10. Oh oh!………….Isnt there anything? Anything at all about this horse ?

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