Daily Archives: October 20, 2010

Finally a Rest Day

Well I finally just pooped out and asked to have the day off. I do have my own work, skirt work, to do. Everyone needs clean underwear and a dish that isn’t dirty in the sink.

Our move went so well yesterday, not one calf or cow (out of 1600) was looking for the other on either side of the fence along the hi-way this morning. Thank Heavens.

My cowboy is out on his own today. I should be there to help him treat. It’s not that he can’t or doesn’t do it by himself. It’s just easier and safer with the the two of us.

It’s nice we can work together. I shouldn’t ever complain, but still cattle have caused more than one arguement between and a husband and wife. It works better if I just think of him as the Boss when we’re a horseback together and do what I’m told, like any good hand.