Daily Archives: October 22, 2010

Boring Business

Lots of business to attend to today. It’s the only time I’m ever bored, but . .  .

I decided to keep Gus the little black and white pup that picked me and found homes for Finn and Rojo the little red and white collie pups. My cowboy decided that although he always wanted a red dog it just wasn’t going to work with Rojo’s long hair. I feel pretty good about the homes I found them (it’s always a worry) but I miss them already : (

Gus is pretty lonely now and he and one of the young barn cats have hooked up. I peeked in the box stall today to see him with his arm actually around her. Wish I had gotton a picture of that. It was so cute (but I hope it doesn’t get too weird).

The rest of the day was bill paying, mail getting, driving back and forth to town: boring stuff. Tomorrow, I’m sure, will be more interesting. I can’t stand too many days like this; I  don’t do boring well.


Boring Business