Daily Archives: October 28, 2010

Moving Along

Well, the work is moving along and so is the time. I can’t imagine it now but in not too long I’ll be wishing all the cows were back here again and they will be, in the spring (but until dark on Saturday Oct. 30th I can’t quit swimming upstream or I’ll drown for sure).

We had 2 Sandhills pastures to clean out today. And got it mostly done in spite of the cold and fog. It wasn’t as cold as yesterday but the fog was a nuisance (I usually really like it except the the fog in my overtired brain. I’ll be glad when that goes away).

We were blessed to have Crystal come help again ( Thanks again C) and she brought 2 really nice helpers with her, a couple of half Danes (like me). It was great because I forgot they were Danish and I was making Avelskivers (a round ball shaped pancake type thing with apples in it) for breakfast. When they came in they looked incredulously at them on the table and were quite delighted to scarf a few down before we started.

And our daughter brought a friend down to help but too but our daughter has hurt her knee and couldn’t ride. I missed her help today; she’s a good hand with a natural instinct for moving livestock that I really admire.